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Sensual Massage in Geneva Exposed!

Should I only visit regulated brothels in Geneva?

Which places are known for bait & switch scams?

Is the Pâquis red light district worth a visit?

If you’re a man visiting Geneva and have many questions about the prostitution industry, relax. You’re definitely not alone! My name is Randal Hopkins and ever since I first visited Geneva in the 90’s, I’ve been astounded by it’s working girl industry. And let me tell you, no place else has such a dynamic and fast-changing scene!

Your choices are many in Geneva. From street workers at Pâquis red light district, the infamous “Bars à Champagne”, independent apartment girls, and high class escorts, you have many decisions in front of you. And you’re about to find out why there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution!

Who Else Wants A Happy Ending Massage in Geneva?

Where are the highest quality girls in Geneva?

Why is it recommended to avoid the Bars à Champagne places? Can the street girls be safe and high quality? Is there risk associated with independent workers? Is there any danger of arrest and public humiliation that could affect me professionally? The questions asked by newcomers to Geneva are many, and I’ve heard them all. During my private tours, my clients often relate their frustration with the confusing nature of the industry in Geneva. And the regulation and enforcement which aims to protect the working girls can add even more confusion into the mix!

Ultimate Geneva Parlours Revealed!

In order to empower you to enjoy the ultimate services in Geneva, I’ve released my Geneva Massage Guide for immediate download. Not only will you quickly discover what to avoid, you’ll also enjoy the high quality, low risk services enjoyed by Geneva insiders. What else will you discover?

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Geneva is like no place else. If you’re tired of wasting hours searching online for accurate information, tired of rolling the dice on advice from hotel staff and taxi drivers, and you want to discover the ultimate Geneva experience for yourself, download the fully mobile-compatible Geneva Massage Guide below. And to make sure there’s absolutely no risk involved, I back up my insider advice of Geneva with a full 100% money-back guarantee just to prove it. Anytime within a full 6 months that this guide doesn’t lead you to the ultimate massage experience, simply email for a full refund, no questions asked. I know the power of this guide, I stand behind it’s immediate power. In just 60 seconds you can begin to live your dreams in Geneva with all the power of the insiders themselves. If you are tired and frustrated by the tourist path of wasting time and taking risks, and you are ready to discover all of these Geneva secrets for yourself click below now.

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Introductory Bonus: When you order now you will also receive the famous international Happy Ending Massage Directory. This brothels & prostitute directory is a €99 value by itself, yours free when you order now.

PS: Be sure to put the pdf Guide into your smartphone right away. That way you’ll always be ready for your next adventure in Geneva – anytime & anywhere!

Updated March 2018!

* If you’d rather arrange a personal tour instead, stop by my office at Quai des Bergues
1201 Geneva, anytime Monday-Friday 9:00-16:00. My tours are for 1-4 men, and are 100% guaranteed, just like my downloadable guide.